Post Graduate Massage Training

Designed to take you to the next level

Why Train the CK Massage Way?

Are you a massage therapists who:

Wants to save your body?

Wants to use ground breaking techniques ?

Want to make a difference and help more people?

Want to be paid well for your skills?

CK Massage Training supports you which means you get the best from ALL our courses

CK Massage courses are unique! 

Designed by a Massage Therapist especially for Massage Therapists!

I demonstrate techniques, explore theory, anatomy, pathologies that we encounter in our clinics every day.

Receive support within our connected community and mentoring strategies.

Oh yeah! I nearly forgot – my courses are fun and a great way to reconnect to your inner unique magic!

CK Massage Training Courses

Remedial Hot Stone Online 7 week Course

Specialised Scar Tissue Mastery 7 Week Online Course

Your Trainer – Christine Knox

I love all things massage including Massage Therapists!

I am UK and Australian Trained.

During my massage Career I have invested in honing my skills and travel internationally to do so.

I love to doing as many courses as possible in one modality as possible which would lead to another area – you know how it goes!

A course junkie if you will!

I have learnt so much from succeeding and failing which gives me a unique insight into course designs and student motivation.