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Internationally trained & renowned Practitioner, with 14years of international experience, has utilised hot and cold stones to treat chronic pain conditions within her clinical practise. For over 3 years, Christine has empowered therapists to save their bodies and deliver results to clients through the online programs in the pioneering modalities of Remedial Hot stones and Scar Therapy.

Connect with Christine for fun, real-time skill development sessions and take advantage of the convenient forever access video content.

Outcomes of this course are resolution or reduction in physical strains resulting in the ability to plan your career with confidence. Rebooking becomes effortless- as clients cannot wait to return for their next treatment, which by the way, they happily pay more for. Christine is excited to share her clinic and business expertise with you. Enabling Therapists to create sustainable practices, authentic client experiences and the personal fulfilment you had once believed your Therapeutic practise would deliver.

I love helping practitioners step into their expertise. My focus is on you and helping you to recognise the transformative value that you bring to your treatment room. I have seen these techniques give therapists longer and prosperous careers as a manual therapists. As a practitioner, teacher, coach and course developer, I love seeing therapists get results a fun way that transfer into their treatment rooms. Increase their earning potential, longevity of career and reduction in physical, emotional and financial stress. Your success is my success. I look forward to working with you.
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