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I was recently talking with one of our graduates, a beautiful therapist with 17 years of experience, an incredible skill set, and an overflowing jam-packed clinic. She loved helping her loyal client base routinely treating 35+people a week, for years.

Let’s call her Michelle.

Michelle had a history with her clients; they were her people.

She had massaged them through 17 years of their lives, 17 years of shared experience, through pregnancies, marriages, divorces, illness, and injury, through everything life gives to us. The highs, the lows, and absolutely everything in between.

 Her clients had shared so much within the safety of her treatment space. A treatment space that Michelle had created through her dedication to professionalism and to helping the people of her community.

She loved treating them and they loved her and her treatments.

At first, it started as just a feeling of being a little more tired than usual and then an occasional niggle in her hands. As time passed, Michelle began to notice a gentle decrease in her willingness to go to work. She was tired and a little sore at the start of a treatment day. Her best efforts with self-care and reducing client numbers did help a little.

Michelle started to worry that despite her love for what she did in the treatment room, her passion for massage was starting to impact her body.

The sudden shock of thinking what if I can’t treat people anymore? Zipped into her brain closely followed by “if I’m not doing this what will I do and who will I be?”

It was a few months after this shock that she reached out to me and asked about which of the courses might suit her and her clients best.

Michelle and I connected over the phone. The call consisted of me listening and Michelle detailing what was happening for her. 

We discovered together what outcome she and her clients wanted.

It became clear that the Remedial Hot Stone Massage Course was a match for her, her practice, and her clients.

After the course, we had a chat about her experience.

She said that after completing the interactive online course that a few things had happened.

Things were great! She had saved her hands no more aching and even better her energy levels were restored and climbing. She didn’t have to work so hard to get the same results.

She said” My clients love me more than ever! I can’t believe how much they love the hot stones and you were right they really do pay more for them.”

This was such a wonderful conclusion for Michelle.

And for me, it fills me with joy to see another practitioner with a sustainable practice, avoiding injury and experiencing what we truly believe: therapists who are dedicated to their craft deserve to Give with Ease™.

Save your hands, body, and energy with pioneering modalities from CK Massage Training.

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