How to help clients who are experiencing a hot flush

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It’s getting hot in here! 🔥

You’ve had someone on your table have a hot flush. But do you know how you can help them?

Research has discovered that the Divers Reflex is a way of calming the nerves.

So, how can you help your client with this? You can grab your trusty cold stones of course! Place them on the temples, then down into the cheeks and into the neck as well.

Just like the old well known method of splashing water on your face to cool down, you are regulating the emotional state and redistributing the blood flow.

Pretty cool isn’t it!

Now I can’t give away all of my secrets right here, right now.

Instead go ahead and watch the video below which explains more about the divers reflex and other amazing things you can do to support a client having a flush with your cold stones.

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