Every Scar has a Tale to Tell

Some scars like the story behind them fade within a few months and are long forgotten however it is becoming more widely known that scars have the potential to cause long-term and far-reaching effects for both our bodies and minds.

Ask yourself who in the storybook or film has the scar? Is it the good guy? No –it is not. To make matters worse modern society upholds the image of beauty as smooth and youthful skin. Bearing all this in mind it is not exactly a shock to learn that scars can have a deeply distressing effect on our mental health especially when visible on the hands, arms, and face.

As a massage therapist looking at, talking about, and massaging scars is something I do daily, often many times a day.   This week alone I have massaged over ten scars – “why bother” I hear you cry “I’ve had my scar 20 years it doesn’t bother me!”

Well, I do bother, because by massaging the scars I can affect ‘stuck’ tissue (fascial adhesions), which in turn can have a remarkable and instant effect on the appearance and function of a scar.

Simply by increasing the circulation, which over time is affected negatively by scarring and thereby the soft tissue health. By using simple gentle and well-thought-out techniques function to the nerves can be facilitated which can reduce pain, reduce hyper-sensitivity, and reduce numbness to the area and areas surrounding the scar.

To illustrate this I have the stories of three clients from this week to share – apologies for the anecdotal evidence.

Client #1- a frequent visitor to health retreats, Massage therapists, and spas, told me:

“Nobody has ever asked me about my scar they even sometimes seem a little awkward about it, therapists have never touched and even seem to avoid my scar”

Client#1’s scar was caused by a kitchen accident when a knife slipped. The scar is located on her forearm from elbow to wrist it is highly visible and affected the function of her hand, some areas of her wrist and hand felt numb.

She herself didn’t like the scar and would often receive negative reactions towards the scar through nonverbal communication.

The injury had healed well, but the emergency medical care she received for it had actually left her feeling traumatised about the injury and the scar.

She was amazed when I asked her about her scar and thanked me for opening up a conversation about it. Usually, she feels a sense of shame by the reactions and avoidance that have occurred in therapeutic settings in the past.

We discussed how Scar tissue Massage Therapy could help with the numbness and the possibility of creating alignment emotionally and physically for her with the scar site. It might even improve the function of her hand and fingers.

Client#1 had heard about people having their scar tissue broken up and thought that sounded like it might be sore. I absolutely agreed with her and reassured her that was the exact opposite of what we would be doing.

All the gentle techniques applied are about Integration. In fact, my big goal is to facilitate integrating the skin and soul so that clients feel like themselves once again.

After our treatment Client#1 reported “the numbness has definitely changed and the area of numbness is much smaller” she felt more positive about her scar and the appearance and “ I feel more in control of my fingers” the movement and function of her hand had definitely improved.

So if you have a scar get some specialised scar tissue massage treatment it might be affecting you more than you know!

Scar tissue massage gives instant and surprising results to every client that I have worked with and that my students have worked with.

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