Giving Mixed Marketing Messages for Your Remedial Hot Stone Massages

Let’s conjure up the marketers dream image of a hot stone massage.
Do you see a vision of luxury?

Perhaps something like this:
A young beautiful woman on a massage table her perfectly tanned skin, her toned yet relaxed body draped with a fluffy towel in the background a hint of steamy rainforest, waterfall or sanctuary in a secluded exotic destination retreat.

Aahhh – I’m feeling relaxed already – wait let’s go deeper …

Look into your imagination and further details may emerge of our gorgeous hot stones model. I can see her head is turned to one side resting on her folded arms, the contented smile on her face conveying that hot stone massage is a blissful and relaxing experience. An experience that also requires a full face of make-up and possibly a frangipani behind the ear which playfully draws my eye and attention to the neat and sensibly massage friendly hair style.
Can you see the hot stones symmetrically placed down her back? Your imagination may have conjured some beautiful scented candles that are casting some artistic shadows and adding highlights to the image I can almost hear the massage music.

So as a professional massage therapist this image may illicit feelings of annoyance. You might be thinking this is the very image that I want to distance myself from. This marketing message can be tricky to navigate especially when there is a big difference between the treatment reality and the public perception.

Hi I am Christine Knox I have been utilising Remedial Hot Stones for 10years in every single treatment in my clinical practise of massage. I have used my remedial hot stone massage in a variety of settings: including hospital, back stage at stadiums for rock concerts, my home clinic, within a business centre, in a Sport Centre, at a herbalist shop and within podiatrists and chiropractic clinics.

However as much as I would love to work in a rainforest retreat with the natural sounds of a real waterfall and the hum of nature all around me –I don’t and never have.

Maybe one day I will!

My years of remedial hot stone massage have offered me a huge amount of knowledge and expertise not only about the massage but also about the people who love and receive these treatments.

I find it intriguing that there is a remarkable difference between the massage I deliver and the marketing message that has been become the accepted norm of Hot Stone Massage.

My clients’ are an intelligent bunch they care about their bodies and about their budgets.

They have a full awareness of the traditional hot stone marketing image and yet somehow these clients are able to overcome differences between the reality and perception of remedial hot stone massage.
They are able to ignore the requirement for a luxurious setting in which to receive their massage treatments. I have provided Hot stone massages at all the previously mentioned locations. Despite the lack of the candlelit atmosphere they willingly accepted that this massage service required paying a premium price and rather fantastically must have been okay with that as they regularly returned for more.
These clients were perfectly happy to suspend the marketing message of needing to be a certain age, weight, size or the curious requirement a having flower stuck behind their ear.
This global marketing message is so powerful that clients can be surprised that I actually move the stones to massage them and don’t just leave placed stationary them on their backs like in the pictures.

So has this marketing message helped or hindered the role of a remedial hot stone therapist?

In my opinion I believe the marketers have done an amazing job!
They have imbued hot stone massage with luxury, glamour, value, prestige and most importantly desire.

The public’s perception and the service I offer are very different. I call my service Remedial Hot Stones Massage in an attempt to bridge the gap and hint that Remedial Hot Stone Massage might be a little different than expected.

This does help to educate the public that not all Hot Stone Treatments are the same as the traditional marketing message. Honestly, I will take full advantage of desirability and prestige that hot stone massage has achieved. I do believe Remedial Hot Stone Massage is a superior service when compared to a hot stone massage or even a remedial massage.

I reinforce this message by having treatment photographs that are more realistic than the standard stock photos. Thinking about my target market and how I can meet their needs with high quality treatment and service.

A CK Massage our Remedial Hot Stone Massage has all the desirability and prestige of the Hot Stone Massage from marketing land with one massive difference –
at CK Massage we combine health AND care.

We set specific treatment goals and get the desired treatment results for our clients as we do in remedial massage and package this up with the nurturing care they can only be delivered via Hot Stones. The extra elements of hot and cold incorporated into our treatments delivers results fast giving clients more bang for their buck.
For me and my staff, the techniques we use reduce the wear and tear on our bodies, lift our energy and save us time.

So if you want to join the revolution in Remedial Hot Stone Massage – there is more to it than just rocking out your treatments.

Our online course helps you sort out what your marketing message is and who you want to attract into your treatment room and of course how to deliver a rocking remedial hot stone massage treatment.

Want to know more get in touch with me Christine