Hot Stones and Remedial Massage Therapists? – Get Serious!

Believe it or not Remedial Massage Therapists are starting to take

Hot Stone Massage Therapy seriously, here’s why.

Hot stone massage treatments vary A LOT! – Perhaps you have experienced this if not I can almost guarantee you will be able to recall a second-hand account of a treatment that was on the spectrum of delicious to the dangerous with some experiences even bordering on the ridiculous!

Like you, I have heard some of the worst and best hot stone massage tales. Can you imagine a treatment that consisted of purely of placement stones which the therapist caringly placed on the recipient’s back then left the room only to return 45mins later to ceremoniously remove the stones and say the treatment is now over!

Even worse are the stories of therapists scalding themselves or their clients – it really wasn’t their fault we shouldn’t blame them. It was the fault of poor training and unprofessional practises that exist and are perpetuated in the Hot Stone Massage industry.

I am going to change this industry with YOUR help – together we, remedial massage therapists will harness the power of Hot (and Cold) Stones combined with high quality massage techniques to raise the standards so that hot stone massage can be used to create some serious change for massage clients and therapists across Australia.

Why should you bother following my call to action – well there is a little secret about Remedial Hot Stones Massage that not many therapists know about, read on and I will reveal all!

By using Hot and Cold Stones in all your remedial treatments you can save your hands, your energy thereby prolonging your career and avoiding injury and just as a cherry on top of the cake your clients will happily pay more this service giving you the lifestyle you desire!

Pretty cool huh?

Not many therapists realise that when we incorporate the hot stones into remedial and sports massage treatments it gives clients and therapists the amazing benefits of a combining the best elements from all massage genres.

So I because I love massage and massage therapists – you folks are some of the most awesome caring people I ever had the pleasure to hang out with!

I created a course –a big course it lasts for 7weeks – it is a game changer and includes absolutely everything a serious remedial massage therapist could possibly wish for.

Let me explain a little more about what is involved in a remedial hot stone treatment.

The volcanic basalt stones are heated in a warm water bath to an exact temperature, dried off before tucking them under or placing them on top of your client’s body.   Stones are used as an extension of the therapist to heat fascia, search out tension patterns and locate pesky trigger points. I teach a combination of stones and hands work to combine this nurturing tool within your treatments.

The heat feels incredibly relaxing – this allows the therapists to sneak underneath that nervous system radar and massage deeply using the stones without any force or effort.

Cold stones feel super refreshing when incorporated into the massage treatments and particularly beneficial used in facial treatments and conditions such as RSI’s.

Adapting your treatments not using routines or sequences is where the remedial power really hides when using hot stones because I know you understand that everybody is different and that is why it makes no sense that every body should receive the same massage.

Having the ability to tailor your hot stone massages to your clients needs whatever they may be on the day of treatment gives you an edge – you stand out, head and shoulders above the crowd who learnt a sequence and who are not sure what to do when faced with the Red Flags for Hot Stone Massage such as high blood pressure, Phlebitis, Epilepsy or Diabetes.

Which is why Client Communication is a large part of a remedial Hot Stone Treatment and is essential in helping deliver the best service to your clients.

If you are interested in becoming a rocking hot stone therapist who using stones to deliver time efficient, powerful treatments, which are easy on your body with the interesting side effects of clients begging to rebook and happily paying a lot more for your treatments – even though you feel you are not working as hard!

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