Scar Massage Tissue Mastery

Scar Tissue Manual techniques to help resolve chronic pain and dysfunction

Scars are a part of everyday life so why are you not treating them?

If your clients have scars and experience persistent pain, limitations to their movement or disruption to sensation –

Then Scar Tissue Mastery is the course is for YOU.

Help your Clients will feel like themselves again so they can rock at life

Scar tissue massage training will help your clients to:

Resolve persistent chronic pain

This online course will open up a whole new therapeutic world!

Therapists will deliver:

  • Significant Treatment Results Fast
  • Quick and Pain-free techniques
  • Low physical impact for Therapists
  • Keep clients emotionally safe
  • Movement re education

Normalises sensation and appearance

Become confident about when to treat and when to leave alone

  • Caesarean
  • Hysterectomy
  • Mastectomy
  • Adhesions
  • Burns
  • Self harm

Improve function & range of movement

  • Learn Myofascial Techniques to treat and Integrate scars safely, quickly and gently.
  • Understand the theoretical elements of the healing process.
  • Discover how scars affect, fascia, nerves and the lymphatic system

What clients have said after their scar tissue treatments

“I had some training and experience previously with treating scars through my kinesiology skills and massage skills, but I found the course of Christine’s really great with the information and techniques learnt this has assisted me in my practice and expanded my skills & client outcomes thanks.” 

About your Trainer

Hi I’m Christine Knox. I run CK Massage and CK Massage Training

I am obsessed with fascia and scars. I also love hot stones!

I have been working is the fascinating field of scars for 6 years and in that time have helped many people out of pain and dysfunction caused by the fascial restrictions their scar has created.

I have trained extensively with many world class trainers and learnt many different techniques in which to work with scars. I have learnt so much through these different treatment perspective to provide this comprehensive scar tissue massage training course.

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