Your Practise, Your ticket to Joy, happiness & Profitability

The 10 blind spots you need to know to avoid a soulless, unappreciated laundry filled life

2020 changed the world and everyone in it. Collectively we have been forced to look at our mortality and personal fulfillment. (whether we wanted to or not.) 

The way we live, work, our health and the way we interact with others have come into sharp focus.

For the vast majority, this has been a stressful process. One of our most basic human needs; touch was controlled and denied to many people because of that Massage Therapy is needed now more than ever before. 

This means we need therapists to step into their expertise and value the contribution they give to their clients, community and the health of the world.

This book is written to help the incredibly caring therapists out there who want to do exactly that and transform their hobby into a real business.

Discover the 10 blindspots you need to know to avoid a soulless, unappreciated laundry-filled life and see how your practice is your ticket to joy, happiness and profitability.


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