Specialised Treatments for Scars, Chronic pain and Lymphatics

Remedial Treatments

If you have persistent, chronic and unexplained pain – That is seriously affecting your life then Christine is the therapist for you.

10 years industry experience working with trauma and pain conditions she can help you reduce pain and increase you quality of life.

To get the best results for you, Christine’s ‘Listening Hands’ approach is a skilful blend different modalities including:

Myofascial work, Trigger point Work, Scar tissue Massage, Stretching, Hot and Cold Stones, Decongestive Lymphatic Drainage, Cranial and Visceral Techniques into treatments.

Feel significantly different between 1-6 sessions.

New clients
First appointment 60mins – $140

Repeat Appointments
60mins $130
90mins $180

Scar Tissue Massage

A highly specialised treatment that can enhance the look and function of a surgical scar

and burn scars.

With 8 years experience and studying many different approaches to scar treatments, Christine

gives you the best and safest scar work in the New England area.

Scar adhesions can often be a source of unexplained pain and restrict movement.

Old Scars can be treated and improve even many years after the operation.

I have experience of treating:

  • Mastectomy and Thyroid removal scars
  • Abdominal scars – C-sections, Hysterectomy and Appendectomy
  • Spinal fusion scars
  • Heart surgery scar
  • Hip and Knee replacement scars
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Crushing scars
  • Self harm scars
  • Gunshot wounds

Vouchers, Beeswax, Health Fund Rebates and Cancellations

Initial consultations are required for new patients .

We use Beeswax not oil. There is no sticky residue left on your skin. So you can have a lunch hour massage or have a massage prior to a workout or a run your pores are not clogged with oil. There is no need to shower and you won’t end up looking like you’ve been in an oil slick!

Gift vouchers

Can be arranged by contacting Christine

​Sometimes out of hours appointments can be arranged – just ask and I’ll try to accommodate you.


Christine’s Health Rebates include all funds with the exception of HCF.


If less than 24hr notice of cancellation is given you will be charged 50% of your appointment fee.