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Become the Practitioner that everyBODY loves

Become the practitioner that everyBODY loves (including your own body) I was recently talking with one of our graduates. A beautiful therapist with 17years experience, an incredible skillset and an overflowing jam-packed clinic. She loved helping her loyal client base … Read More

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C-Section Scar Tissue Therapy

Having a baby is a BIG deal. Whether you are a first time mum or experienced it all before. All mums have countless concerns about having a baby. If you’re having a planned caesarean section, also known as a C-section, … Read More

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More Than Skin Deep: The impact of scar Tissue Massage

Around 10years ago an impromptu scar tissue treatment from a massage teacher in the UK impacted my life in a massive way. The benefits from that one treatment were so remarkable it began my learning journey and fascination with the … Read More

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The Hidden Power In Your Hands That Gives You Career

How is the physical impact of treating clients making you feel? Manual Therapists such as remedial massage, Bowen, or myotherapy have reported to us about their concerns surrounding the wear and tear on their bodies. Therapists in the worst place … Read More

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