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How is the physical impact of treating clients making you feel?

Manual Therapists such as remedial massage, Bowen, or myotherapy have reported to us about their concerns surrounding the wear and tear on their bodies.

Therapists in the worst place report being physically, emotionally and mentally exhausted from the treatments they relying on to pay the bills.

This is not a happy place – next stop is it is “all too hard time to give it up” – often therapists just starting out in the industry can slip into the discomfort of being in this situation – It is a place familiar to many therapists and unfortunately therapists of many years of service under their belts can find themselves here due to injury and having no practice exit strategy for retirement or having someone to hand the reigns over to.

New Therapists and returning therapists are advised to build up their endurance to the physical outlay treatments can often inflict. “ You’ll be fine once you have built up your stamina”

Let’s imagine you are physically blessed with a strong, fit and healthy body only to find the worry of the financial responsibility is all too much –sleepless nights about paying rent, insurance, training costs, association fees – turns into stress.

You see stress all the time on your treatment tables and as you know stress when left unsupported and unaddressed has the opportunity to escalate into depression and anxiety.

What if there was a way to reduce the personal impact of treatments and running a business physically, emotionally and mentally?

What if you knew a way – would you shout it from the roof tops so that you could help other therapists?

Of course, you would! I didn’t realize that I accidentally stumbled across a way to truly negate the physical, emotional, and mental impact of being a manual therapist until I moved to Australia and found out what I had been doing was really unusual.

I even began to feel like fraud like I wasn’t working hard enough -my clients loved what I was doing so much they rebooked over and over – they couldn’t get enough, they told their friends and family and I was busier than ever.

Even when I put my prices up again and again until I was the most expensive therapist in my small rural town and still there was no shortage of demand –in fact, I was more popular than ever – my waitlist was huge and my staff mambers were also fully booked.

So what is this hidden power that gave such career control, saving my hands, body and mind from the impact of manual therapy.

Remedial Hot Stones.

Not just Hot Stones but Remedial Hot Stones.

This is no spa treatment. Using the stones as an extension of you has so many benefits. For those like me, who are sensitive to the energies of others it created a physical barrier between the client and myself which really helped to stop me from absorbing unwelcome energy.

The heat of the stones warming up my hands not only felt lovely but then being able to achieve a beautiful depth within the tissue with no effort and using the stones to work with the fascia and trigger points was hugely beneficial.

The approach that is used when applying remedial hot Stones permeates the whole structure of my practise.

It gives therapists mindfulness and sophisticated techniques which are delivered to give a uniquely connected experience that clients love which positions you as the only therapist to go to.

It is so important to have a sustainable practise and by sustainable I mean physcially, emoitionally, mentally and financially.

But it is not just about that, is it?

I believe it is truly about giving dedicated therapists what we believe they truly deserve; the ability to Give with Ease.

Which is why I have developed courses to help therapists be able to give with ease to themselves, their clients, the wider community and beyond.

Discover The Give With Ease approach.

The approach is applied to pioneering modalities like Remedial Hot Stones through a specific framework to deliver a sustainable practice, a connected client experience and ultimately your personal fulfilment.