Every Scar Has has a tale to tell

Every Scar has a Tale to Tell

Some scars like the story behind them fade within a few months and are long forgotten however it is becoming more widely known that scars have the potential to cause long term and far reaching effects for both our bodies and minds.

Ask yourself who in the storybook or film has the scar? Is it the good guy? No –it is not.  To make matters worse modern society upholds the image of beauty as smooth and youthful skin. Bearing all this in mind it is not exactly a shock to learn that scars can have deeply distressing effect on our mental health especially when visible on the hands, arms and face. 

As a massage therapist looking at, talking about and massaging scars is something I do daily, often many times a day.   This week alone I have massaged over ten scars  – “why bother” I hear you cry “I’ve had my scar 20 years it doesn’t bother me!”

Well I do bother, because by massaging the scars I can affect ‘stuck’ tissue (fascial adhesions), which in turn can have remarkable and instant effect on the appearance and function of your scar. 

Simply by increasing the circulation, which over time is affected negatively by scarring and thereby the soft tissue health it helps to restore function to the nerves which can reduce pain, reduce hyper-sensitivity and reduce numbness to the area and areas surrounding the scar. 

To illustrate this I have the stories of three clients from this week to share – apologies for the anecdotal evidence.

 One client last week- a frequent visitor to health retreats, Massage therapists and spas, told me no one had ever asked her about, touched or deliberately given her scar any attention. Caused by an accident it was located on her forearm from elbow to wrist it was highly visible and affected the function of her hand, in that some areas were numb. The injury had healed well, but the medical care she received for it had actually left her feeling traumatised in this area. After our treatment she said she felt more positive about her scar and the appearance and function had definitely improved.

Another story is a lovely lady who despite being in great shape and spending a good deal of her time, energy and money keeping fit and healthy always wore a dress size larger than she required. She did this in order to avoid the contact of any clothing on her scar. The hypersensitivity she felt in the area when there was any contact was a sensation she just couldn’t stand.  The scar itself was from a keyhole surgery and was no bigger than my thumb. Visibly it didn’t really look like anything – but when I felt it – I could feel the scar tissue and suspected that the scar tissue adhesions were deep and causing restrictions and hypersensitivity in that area of her body. Post treatment the hypersensitivity of the area had greatly reduced and the scar and surrounding area had softened and completed changed. After two treatments she no longer has any problems in this area and wear whatever she feels like –and looks great!

My last example is of a client who for the past seventeen years has experienced chronic low back pain. She had found massage had been helpful for her low back pain in the past and so booked in to see me. In our initial consultation she told me she had no scars. When assessing her abdominal area through the drape I asked “Have you any scars here?” 


“Have you any piercings?”

“Oh Yeah! I have had my belly button pierced three times! I have had a lot of trouble with them. My first one was when I was sixteen and it got infected and then it closed up so I got it redone a couple years later and that didn’t go too well either. It got inflamed and then a few years after that I got it done again, but they didn’t use the old site that has been ok, but I do feel it from time to time.”

Well to me this was huge – firstly your belly button is your first scar and some peoples’ only scar. Piercings cause scars and you can feel evidence of this if you have your ears pierced, there is a small hard area surrounding the piercing site. So to have the belly button scar tissue pierced multiple times had caused layers of scar tissue, which then could potentially cause an issue with adhesions, which can cause pain.  So I massaged the belly button and surrounding area and guess what?  The back pain dissipated and the abdominal area softened – instantly. This client has been back a couple of times and the back pain has not returned for the first time in seventeen years.

So if you have a scar get some specialised scar tissue massage treatment it might be affecting you more than you know! Scar tissue massage gives instant and surprising results to every client that I have worked with. 

To find out how to train with me in this pioneering modality

Check out the website ckmassagetraining.com

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