Webinar The Secret Tool to Treat Low Back Pain

The Secret Tool to Treat Low Back Pain

In this FREE Webinar, you will learn why harnessing the power of hot and cold and understanding how to use remedial hot stones as a tool to treat clients with low back pain safely is important. Not only to treat clients safely but keep you the therapists in the career you love for as long as possible.

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Wednesday, 24th August,
8pm – AEST

Things you'll discover

Who it is for:

  • This webinar can help you if you are a therapist experiencing wear and tear in their hands, wrists, or body – what would it mean to you to continue to help others out of pain without the work causing you pain?


  • Remedial therapists and bodyworkers, students who are graduating soon and want to avoid becoming a statistic who are curious about how to best help clients in a way that clients love and are happy to pay more for.


Save your time

Save your hands

Save your body

Christine Knox

My aim is to help as many therapists just like you have full, long and prosperous careers. So that many more people of planet earth can live fulfilling, pain and stress-free lives.

I trained in the UK and hold the highest qualification available to massage therapists – A professional degree BTEC level 6 in advanced clinical and sports massage.

This is one of many advanced courses I have completed, other qualifications include topics such as nerves, myofascial release, lymphatics, scar work, and of course hot stones combined with 14 years of successful clinical practice places me at the top of my game.

"You will be shocked how much your clients will LOVE this"
Christine Knox
Founder of CK Massage Training

Making a Difference in the World of Massage

Align your head, hands and heart in the treatment room, your clients will thank you for it.

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